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Øystre Ton

Subfarms: Brøtahaugen, Frøskebakken (Bakken), Holo, Smiugarden

Other units belonging to Ton: Dokken, Kvedne, Sagen, Trøgedalen, Øvre Fauske

Mountainfarms: Bergskapsstølen, Flæten, Rotvollstølen, Skardet (these units were sold out)

The Ton farms are located in the northwestern part of the valley, a little south of Steinset and north of Hiei and Solbrekken.

In the west it stretches over the hill to the Nord Aurdal border. The farm on the Nord Aurdal side is also called Ton, they were probably one unit at one time. To the east Ton stretches towards the mountains to Smiugarden.

Frøholm believes that this farm was first settled between 500 and 1000 AD. After the Black Death Ton didn't see any settlers again until the 1590's. The king had the farm until he sold it to the Dane Fredrik Werdelmann in the mid 1670s.

Son-in-law Johan Fredrik Bartholin later bought Ton and had it until the 1701. Erik Olsson 1654-1728 was the first owner of Ton. He purchased the farm from Bartholin in 1701.

Ton was divided into øvre and nedre Ton in 1753. Nord Etnedal Church, also called Tons Church, is located on Ton farmland, The church was built in the mid 1800s.

Earlier this part of Etnedal had been administrated from Skrautvål in Nord Aurdal. From 1894 when Etnedal became independent Kommune, both the parish and Nord Etnedal Church have been integrated into Etnedal Kommune - and Etnedal Church administration. There was also a post office and country store in this area for a period of time.


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