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Sub-farms: Kviteberg, Mørken, Nordre Haugen, Nordre Steinset, Rundesletten, Søndre Haugen, Søndre Steinset, Steinsethagen, Øvre Steinset

Like the other farms in Etnedal, Steinset was emptied during the Black Death of 1348/49. It didn'tsee any inhabitants again until the 1590s.

Steinset was krongods until 1670 when Fredrik Werdelmann bought the farm. Jens Leegärd then purchased the farm in 1690. Bjørn Steinset is the first leaseholder that we knowofand he was here as early as 1599/1600. Knut Steinset was another early inhabitant and was around as early as 1613. Arne Olsson Steinset was here from around 1620 to at least 1670. Up to about 1730 Steinset was one unit, but after Svein Nilsson's death, 1692-1728, Bjørn and Johannes Tollefsons took over the farm and split it into three units.

Steinsetbygden - the Steinset parish - has its name from this farm. It is located in the northwestern corner of Etnedal with border to Skrautvål parish in Nord Aurdal. To the south are the farms Ton, Hiei, Bergsbakken and Solbrekken.

Lake Steinsetfjorden can be seen in the bottom of the valley and mountains encircle the parish. There has been a school, a postoffice and a shop inthe area. Today there is a hotel -Valdres Høyfjellshotel - in the area as well as the shop.



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