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The name Solbrekken is a Nature Name and can therefore beconsidered one of the oldest farms in the area.It is not known when Solbrekken got its name, however, Frøholm suggests that it was probably from the same era as Ton and Hiei, the neighboring farms. "Sol" = sun, "Brekken" = hill. Sunny hill.

Just when Solbrekken was divided in two is uncertain but it isbelieved that it happened after the Black Death. As was with the other farms Solbrekken was deserted during the Black Death of 1348/49 and it wasnt until the 1590s that people returned and divided into Øvre Solbrekken and Nedre Solbrekken. TodayØvre Solbrekken has the farm number 34 and Nedre Solbrekken has35.

Initially the same people who owned øvre Solbrekken also owned Nedre Solbrekken. The first leaseholder that we know ofhere was Gudbrand Solbrekken. He paid taxes on the land from around 1612 until the mid 1620s. From the 1620s until the early 1630s Tore Solbrekken was a leaseholder as well. There was a Gjertrud Solbrekken here as early as 1627/28. Rolf Solbrekken shared the farm with Tore in 1634/35. Bjørn Olsson was here as early as 1636.



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