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Solbjør (125): Solberg søndre

Subfarms: Midthus, Renna, Sletten, Sollie, Stutlien, Tomle
Seter: Kvasseseter, Leppsjøseter

Solberg søndre is located uphills, east of Lunde farm in southern part of the valley, quite isolated from other farms. The farmland is limited, but the forestland is of great dimension, streching from Lunde farm in southwest, to Torpa to the east and Klevgård and Byfuglien to the north.

The name, Solberg means "Sol" = sun, "berg" = hill. The name fits with the topography as the farmhouses are located on the top of a hill, facing westwards.

This farm has its beginnings from around the Viking time or a little after. During the Black Death in 1348-9 Solbjør 125 was emptied and it didn't see any inhabitants until 1630.

The first farmer at Solbjør was Eivind Solbjør who was here in 1647 at the latest. It is believed that he was born around 1599, but according to his death record in 1696 he is recorded as being 116 years old. Eivind had four sons: Gudbrand born in 1634; Øystein born in 1644; Knut born in 1648 and Ola born in 1651.

In contrast to most farms in Etnedal there has been very few divisions on this farm through the generations. The same family is living there today as since Eivind Solberg bought the farm in 1647. There are also close family ties between Solberg and Lunde, Hestekind søndre, Molandssveen, Fløgum and Bruflat.



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