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Solbjør (115): Solberg nordre

Subfarms: Bakken, Beinstigen, Berget, Brattrud, Brusveen, Fyk, Klopp, Løtasletten, Rønsmoen, Solstrand, Strande, Svingen, Søndenberg, Venden, Veslesolberg, Øygarden.

Solberg nordre was historically one of the biggest farms in Etnedal. The location is in the middle of the valley where the valley split to the east and to the west and covered areas that today are known as Hestekind nordre, Langedalen, Granum and Flatøydegård. These farms are today independent units.

Solberg farmhouse is located on the top of a hill, facing the sun, thereof the name "Sol" = sun, "berg" = hill. Frøholm feels that the name suggests that Solbjør belongs to the group of farms that were in existence about the time of the Vikings or a little after.

Local tradition tells of a boy who survived the Black Death in Solbjør and that he was the only one in the area. He eventually wandered around until he came to Mustad in Vardal where he met and married a girl. When this area was resettled after the Black Death it was owned by the King. Laurits Christiansen from Drammen bought Solbjør in 1669. Nobody knows for certain when the Stockfleth family took over the Solbjør farm however Hannibal Stockfleth had the farm as early as 1691.

We know of the following leaseholders at Solbjør: Engebret Solbjør was there as early as 1616 and Erland Jakobson was here as early as 1670. Like all of the farms in the valley Solberg has been divided into smaller units through the years. According to Even Solberg, representing the present owners, 52 units have been divided from Solberg farm, and then again these units have been divided several times.

The main production on the farm is dairy products and timber from the forest. In the mountains the farm has a seter - summerpasture for the cattles, Veslestølen.

For a period the area had a school, postoffice and a gas station. They are all centralized.


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