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Skår (Skindsrud)

Skrindsrud is situated on the north end of the Steinsetfjord or Dalsfjord as it was called in the old days. Both Sørlie and Frøholm believe that Skrindsrud is an old Norwegian name. The ending -rud tells us that this is one of the youngest farms in the area and wasn't settled until probably just before the Black Death.

It took a long time for the farm to be resettled after the Black Death. Skrindsrud was controlled by Skår farm in Skrautvål (Nord-Aurdal) originally. It wasn't until the 1740s that we find the name in the church books.

Knut Olsson and Berte Knutsdatter were the first people we find at Skrindsrud. They were here in the 1740s - 1750s. Recent families are the Månums and the Skrindsruds. Johan Skrindsrud was a well-respected teacher, politician and author.

Source: Gard og Bygde i Etnedal Book A, page 216-217


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