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This is a mountainfarm (seter) in the northeastern part of Etnedal, close to Smiugarden / Lenningen.

In 1806 Ole A. Lunde purchased Purkestad and Øvre Brenne from the Hiei farm. Ole later sold Purkestad to Syver Syverson Hestekinn in 1812. In 1823 Purkestad got its own farm number 122.

The following people owned Purkestad. Gudbrand Olsson 1823-1858, Knut Gudbrandson Espeset 1858-1882, Syver Engebretson Espelien 1882-1895, Anders Bjørnson Brenden 1895-1903, Anders O. Espeset 1903-1925, Ragnvald Klevgård 1925-1971 and Engebret Klevgård 1971.

Ragnvald and Engebret Klevgård, father and son, lived on Klevgårdsøyen farm and used Purkestad as a summer pasture for the cattle.

There is another Purkestad farm in Etnedal, a small one sold from the Rødningen farm by Bruflat. This unit is owned by the descendants of Mikkel Engebretson Maslangrud for many generations.

Source: Gard og Bygde i Etnedal Book B, page 9


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