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Subfarm: Dokken

According to G. O. Hovi Prestøyen was actually prestegarden of Aurdal and after Aurdal was divided up in 1801 it became Prestegarden under Sør Aurdal. Martin Lundstein confirms this theory by suggesting that Prestøyen was a pasture-field for Pestegarden in Sør Aurdal.

It was quite common that the Presten, or Clergyman, the Vicar, lived on a farm (gard) belonging to the church. He was actually both a prest and a farmer. As the farmland on the river side of the Etna river is very fertile and productive it was attractive to have land there.

It was for this same reason that Anders Solberg at Solberg farm bought Prestøyen. Solberg søndre is located up the hill from the valley and the pastureland is poor, it is mostly good forest land. Anders needed more and better pasture for his cattle and so he bought this unit from the church. He also built houses on it.

Anders Knutson Solberg and his wife Barbro Engebretsdatter had nine children here.

The location is between Lunde farm and Madslangrud farm in the southern part of the valley.

One of the old farmhouses was given to the Valdres Folkemuseum at Fagernes in 1934.


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