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According to the archeological material found at Madslangrud we can guess that Madslangrud was first settled between the end of the Viking age and the Black Death (1050-1349).

The farm has had different names throughout history: Madslangrud, Maslangrud, Matlandrud, and its location has given the farm its name. On the banks of the Etna river, in the southern part of the valley, the soil is very fertile. Matland = foodland, which tells us about the productivity, Rud = clearing.

Madslangrud was abandoned during the Black Death and didn't see inhabitants again until the 1660s. The farm was krongods until 1669. Gudbrand Eivindson (1634-1723) and Barbro Bjørnsdatter (1643-1710) were the first leaseholders that we are aware of here. They lived here at least between 1664 and 1670. The couple took over Solberg 125 after Gudbrand's parents. Laurits Christensen had Madslangrud from 1669-1691. The next owner was Hannibal Stockfleth who had the farm until the 1740s. Some of the early settlers and leaseholders of Madslangrud are: Endre Olufson who was here in 1689, Knut Olsson was leasing the land in 1696 and Bjørn Gudbrandson who was here as early as 1698.

Madslangrud was a community center for the surrounding area with a shop, post office, telephone central and a so-called Amtschool on the western side of the river. Before the bridge was built the only connection to the mainland was by rowboats. The Lunde farm was the nearest farm, on the eastern side of the river.

Source: Gard og Bygde i Etnedal Book C, page 384-385


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