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Søndre Li

After the Black Death a farm called Sørre Li or South Li was settled. Li existed before the Black Death of 1348/49 and we cannot say whether this Li is where today's Li is or if it is perhaps where today's Sørre Li is. Likewise we know that Li was the first farm to be re-inhabited after the Black Death and therefore Sørre Li may be one of the oldest farms in Etnedal's modern history.

Sørre Li was krongods until the middle of the 17th century. Ole Granei was the first to settle the farm and it is here that he built his house. Also early at Sørre Li were: Peder Jørgenson, who was probably here just after Ole. Next was Knut Li. He was here as early as 1679. Nils Johson was here the beginning of the 1700s and had children Jakob and Aagot, born here in 1714 and 1717.

Today, Li søndre is better known as Bråten and Lykkja and are separate, independent units. Several bungalows were built on the farm to accommodate the central school. A bus station is also located at Li søndre as well.

Source: Gard og Bygde i Etnedal Book C, page 286


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