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There is no archeological material that can tell us when Langedalen was settled the first time. The name means "The Long Valley" and Frøholm feels that the farm was in existence around the time of the Vikings.

Langedalen was Krongods until 1700. From that time we know the following leaseholders: Johannes Langedalen, who paid landskyld here from 1612 to 1620. Knut Johannesson paid 2 Riksdaler in 1620. Mikkel Hestekinn paid skattane for the farm from around 1630-1650. The Stockfleth family owned Langedalen until 1700. After the Black Death the Langedalen farm was used and settled from Hestekind nordre.

Langedalen is located in the same area as Hestekind and Granei/Granum and there have been many close ties between these three farms throughout the centuries. Through marriages this parish has more or less belonged to the same family, "diluted" though through the generations.

Many Etnedøler and thereby quite a few Americans can trace their ancestry back to the Hestekind - Langedalen - Granum "Clan". Thousands of people have a connection back to one particular person; Søren Olsson Langedal, 1672 - 1732 . He brought the name Søren to Etnedal. We do not know from where he came, but it is said that he was a tradesman coming to the valley from the western part of the country. He fell in love with Karen Eriksdatter on the Langedalen farm and married her. The name tradition at that time said that a grandson born should be named after his grandfather on his father's side. This way the name Søren continues again and again for generations. And also, Søren's son would also be a Sørenson. All the Sørensons with roots in Etnedal are most likely a descendant from this one particular person.

Like the rest of the bigger farms in Etnedal, Langedal has been divided several times. We have Langedalen nedre, Langedalen øvre, 3 units Rust, (øvre, midtre and nedre). At Rust there was shops, postoffice and a gasstation until recently.

Source: Gard og Bygde i Etnedal Book B, page 65


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