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Subfarms: Kringlemoen and Røste on the west side of the river, and then Klufteplassen, Kringlerødningen, Bakken and Skåren.

Mountainfarms: Kjerringstølen, Soreblesen and Vesleblesen are sold out.

The Kringli farm is located between Espeset to the north and Li to the south and stretches out on both side of the Etna river, all the way up the eastern hill to the Torpa border. The name "Kring" is probably from a bend in the river, and "li" is a hillside.

Anders Frøholm believes that Kringli was inhabited around the time of the Vikings. During the Black Death the people living at Kringli either died out or fled to other farms. Unlike the neighboring farms of Li and Espeset, which were re-inhabited the latter part of the 16th century and beginning part of the 17th century, Kringli was re-inhabited around 1640. After the Black Death Kringli was Krongods and then Borgargods until 1682.

One of the first settlers after the Black Death was Jon Knutson. Peder Mikkelson was the second leaseholder whose name we know. He was born around 1610 and and died in 1707.

Laurits Lauritsen, one of the many officials from Oslo - Drammen area that bought property in Etnedal from the King, sold Kringli to Halvor Knutson Byfuglien in 1682. Halvor had already bought the neighboring farm Li. His son Ole Halvorson inherited both Kringli and Li and settled at Li.

The main Kringli farm was divided into two units, nordre and søndre Kringli.

Source: Gard og Bygde i Etnedal Book B, pages 227


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