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Higdem (Hiei)

Mountain Farms (Setre): Hagatrøen, Hestekindtrøen, Midttrøen, Nedre and Søndre Nystølen, Sørre Trøen, Ørsjølivangen

At one time this farm was one of the biggest in Etnedal, located in the northwest part of the valley. A mountain range divides the Etnedal Community from the Nord Aurdal Community and the border follows along this range from the North to the South. Higdem farm stretches all the way from this border in the west, to the Solbrekken and Ton farms in the north, to Smiugarden in the north and to Hestekind/Solberg in the south.

Rygh suggests that Higdem comes from the old Norwegian words Hid meaning animal (winter) lair and heim meaning home.

Higdem, or Hiei as it is also called, was emptied after the Black Death and was krongods from 1590 until 1670/80, at which time Fredrik Werdelmann purchased the land. Fredrik's widow Margretha Wilders took over the farm in 1692, but then sold it to the Stockfleth family. The Stockfleth family had it until 1749.

Amund Hiei was the first leaseholder that we know of. He paid the taxes for the farm until 1615. Knut Hiei took over taxes until around the mid 1630s. Ole Knutson was the next leaseholder and was probably the son of Knut Hiei. Hiei was auctioned off and divided into two parts after the Stockfleth family sold it in 1749. Two different families purchased the parts.

Unit 1 was again divided in 1805 into Marken and Sørre Hiei. Marken was later on divided into the units Undi Bergo, Trettesletten and Fossvang. Sørre Hiei was later on divided into Nordre Bråten, Søndre Bråten, Øvre Brenn, Nedre Brenn, Skogstad, Vollen and Berget.

Unit 2 was divided into Nedre Hiei and Midtre Hiei. They were again divided into Hestekindtrøen, Søndre Nystølen, Svingen, Nedre Fauske and Nørre Nystølen.

Sources: Gard og Bygde i Etnedal Book A, pages 353-354


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