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Hestkinn søndre

Sub-farms: Brusveen, Granstølen, Hestekindhaugen, Homlesletten, Hovda, Mørken, Pershølet, Skuggen, Øyangslien,

Hestekind was probably in existence around the time of the Vikings or a little before. Hermundstad suggests the name came from a woman by the name of Dorte. Dorte was married to Peder Peterson Colding between 1647 and 1686. She had what Hermundstad called a morostad ("Fun City") in Byfelien. The location of Hestekind is just halfway between the Church in Aurdal and Byfuglien. She probably rested herself and the horses at Hestekind, hence the name.

Hestekind was krongods until the first part of the 16th century and after that borgargods until 1711. It is not clear when the king sold the farm, but he had the farm at the time of the matrikule ringa in 1667. Twenty-eight years after that the Overkrigskommissaren in Denmark, Gothard Braem, and Captain Jens Leegaard had control of the farm. They sold the farm a year later to Christian Pederson Kleboe from Modum. He had the farm until he sold it to Bjørn Tollefson and Guri Evensdatter Frøysaker from Hallingdal in 1797. They sold the farm to the first owner in 1711.

The first leaseholder was Jon Gudbrandson between 1613 and 1640. Tørstein Olsson was also an early settler in Hestekind søndre and his son Knut Tørsteinson (1661-1726) along with wife Ingeborg Svendsdatter were the first real owners of Hestekind.

Hestekind is located up the hill from Bruflat to the west, north of Tonsåsen, following the borderline to Sør Aurdal, then to the south of Breien farm. Some good pasture land, but mostly forest. Hunting and fishing was additional income as there are several lakes in the area.

One part of Hestekind farm, Bjødnigarden (Bjørnødegard) farm, was divided from Hestekind in 1779. As was with many farms, Hestekind was divided between two brothers when the parents died. Ole Knutson took over the lower part called Nerre Hestekind and his brother Torstein Knutson took the upper part called Øvre Hestekind. Since then both units have been sold several times. Families from Fjell, Wold, Solberg søndre and Bruflat have owned or lived on Hestekind and Bjørnødegard.

Hestekind and Bjørnødegard, together with Breien and the Fjell farms established their own school district, the Breien skolekrets. A missionary house was also built in the area. Ole Pederson was a strong, local preacher. He travelled all over the valley and preached the word of God, strongly.

Sources: Gard og Bygde i Etnedal Book C, pages 147-149


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