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Hestkinn nordre

Sub-Farms: Brendahaugen, Dalen, Dalstølen (nedre and øvre), Fossheimhølet, Hestekind (nordre, søndre and midtre), Hestekindhagen, Kulhusbråten, Lie, Nystølen, Renna (søndre and nordre), Rødningen, Smælahaugen, Småladen, Veslehestekind, Øvre Hovda, Øyen (nordre and søndre)

Nobody knows how old Hestekind is, however Frøholm thinks that the name suggests that the farm may have been in existence around the time of the Vikings or a little before.

At that time Hestekind was part of the biggest farm in this area: Solberg nordre. Solberg covered the area from Espeset in the south to Hestekindfossen / Smælahaugen / Kluften in Synfjellet in the north.

According to Even Solberg, fifty-two units have been divided from Solberg farm, and then again these units has been divided several times.

A local legend tells of a servant boy at Solberg married one of the farmers daughters. They were given permission to clear land for their home where the Solbergs had their pasture-field for the horses. This area was then called Hestekindhagen / Hestekind. These units were later divided from Solberg into the Hestekind independent unit.

There are several interpretations of the name Hestekind, but the most obvious explanation is to divide the name into two: HEST = horse, and KINN = old Norwegian saying for steep hill, which is a good description of the topography of this area.

After the Black Death, Hestekind nordre was abandoned until 1620. Initially Hestekind was krongods. We don't really know when it became Borgargods.

In any case Hestekind was sold to the Stockfleth family in 1723; they had the farm until 1747. Mikkel Erikson was the first leaser to live at Hestekind nordre after the Black Death; he rented the farm from 1625 to 1670. Mikkel's son, Erik Mikkelson, took over after his father.

Today [2007] we can say that the circle is complete: in this generation two Solberg daughters, Ingrid and Haldis, married two Hestekind men, Oddvin Hestekind Bergene and Martin Hestekind.

Sources: Gard og Bygde i Etnedal Book B, page 20-23


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