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Øvre Haug

Sub-farms: Haugen, Køll, Sørre and Nørre Bergei, Haugsengen, Gravdalen, Hauglund, Sveen

Nobody knows for sure today whether there were one or two Haug farms before the Black Death. Today there are two farms Øvre Haug and Nerre Haug.

During the Black Death, Øvre Haug was emptied and it remained empty until the end of the 15th century. Øvre Haug was krongods after the Black Death and remained that way until 1669 when the king sold the farm to Laurits Christensen from Drammen. Laurits sold the farm to the Stockfleth family in 1691 and they kept the farm until 1749.

The Siewers family is central in the history of Øvre Haug in the 1800s. Arild Huitfeldt Siewers and wife Jeanette Siewers bought Øvre Berg with Tonsåsen Sanatorium from Svein Pederson Berg's insolvent estate. In addition to Øvre Haug Farm the Siewers family also bought Øvre Berg and Midtre Berg, the neighborfarms. They ran the Sanatorium and built a store and a hotel in the same area, and changed the farm name to Tonsåsen. Siewers was an industrius man, powerful and a strong proponent for a railway going through Tonsåsen. Valdresbanen - the railway between Oslo and Fagernes was built in the early 1900s and traced its way through Tonsåsen with a Station by the Sanatorium.

Carl and Sofie Wishman succeeded the Siewerts when they sold out in 1913. Wishman was a Doctor and also the main shareholder of the Sanatorium. He was also active as a politician in Etnedal and was for a period ordfører (mayor).

Photo donated by Jeannette Moen Billmore showing the old road over Tonsåsen.


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