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Nedre Haug

Sub-farms: Kvednahølbakken, Tørrhaug

Nobody knows for sure today whether there were one or two Haug farms before the Black Death. Today there are two farms Øvre Haug and Nerre Haug.

During the Black Death Nerre Haug was emptied and it remained empty until the end of the 15th century. Nerre Haug was krongods after the Black Death and remained that way until 1669 when the king sold the farm to Laurits Christensen from Drammen. Laurits sold the farm to Hans Must, who later sold Nerre Haug to his son Erik Must.

Nerre Haug is located between Øvre Haug (Tonsåsen) and Bruflat along Prestvegen, the old trail between Bruflat and Bagn.

Before Etnedal got their own church administration, people had to walk over the hill and down to Bagn, Sør Aurdal for services like confirmation. The youth named the trail Prestvegen as they went to see the Minister in Bagn Church.

Source: Gard og Bygde i Etnedal Book C, page 217-218



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