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Mikjel Sørlie believes that the name Granei comes from anold Norwegian word ending in ­heimr and it is estimated that Granei was settled between 600 and 800 AD. The farm name appears to be a combination of two Norwegian words. Gron orGrain and heim or home. This would therefore be the home where the grain grows.

After the Black Death of 1349 Granei was deserted and remained sountil the 1630s. Tor Granei was the first to take up residence inGranei and can be found on the skattemanntala around 1630. He was followed by Rolf Torson, who was possibly his son. Rolf remained here until at least 1641.

Granei is located to the northeast of the valley. This farm was originally one of the biggest units in the valley, thousands of acres, stretching from Rust to the west to West-Torpa in Nordre Land to the east.

The reason why this territory was settled so early must have been because this was forested mountainland and good for hunting and fishing.The wildlife was rich, and it was possible to combine them with domestic animals.

Many of the farms down in the valley established setre in this area: summer pasture for the cattle. As time went by people extended their seter to be year around farm units.

Recently the forest land has been cleared of trees and changed to grassland. Through the years Granei has been divided into many units, farms and individual houses. Lots of families have lived at the different units; along with Hestekind and Langedalen, Graneisbygden was probably that part of the valley from which most Etnedøler immigrated to the United States.

Granei had many husmannsplasser. They weresold and became independent units, like Bakkejordet, Jordet, Sørre Jordet, Nørre Jordet, Berget, Nørre Berget, Sørre Berget, Graneishullet, Graneishaugen, Lauvhaugen,Øygarden, Svaberg, Monsebakken. Bakkebygda has been a part of Granei since 1937 when the schools were centralized. Prior to that Bakkebygda had its own school.

Sources: Gard og Bygde i Etnedal Book B, pages 96-98


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