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Sub-Farms: Holo, Kolverud, Midthus, Tollerud, Vøll, Øygarden,

Seter: Kalvedalen, Midtre Tanterhaug, Stutliseter,Svilosen, Sørreseter

Nobody knows whenthe first farm was settled at Fløgei. The name probably comes from the old Norwegian word flug or river and heim or home. Farm names with such endings are generally as a rule the older farms.

According to Frøholm, Fløgei was probably settled between 500 and 1000 AD. After the Black Death Fløgei remained empty until the 1640s. Jens Blåflat was in Fløgei as early as the 1620s and from the 1640s was the leaseholder of the farm. Peder Jenson was the leaseholder from the 1640s to the 1660s. Margretha Wilders bought the farm from the king in 1692, but sold it soon afterwards in 1706 to Syver Gudbrandson and Gjertrud Pedersdatter.

Fløgei is located a little south of Bruflat, on the east side of the Etna river. The farmhouses were placed quite high up inthehills, due to the big forestland belonging to the farm, stretchingto the east, over the hill.

One subfarm named Wold (Vøll) is located down by the river. Fløgei was once owned by the Lunde farm, but sold out in 1782. Since then several owners have lived there.

Sources: Gard og Bygde i Etnedal Book C, page 283


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