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Søndre Fjeld (Sø-Fjell)

The name Fjell means mountain/hill/rock and accurately describes the location of the Fjell farms.

The Fjell farms are mountain farms with a view overlooking Breien, Hestekind, Bjørnødegard and Tonsåsen. They were once one unit, owned by the King of Denmark and Norway and operated by the Church of Aurdal.

Fjell was actually used as summer pastures for the Aurdal Church Farms. Mattis Olsson worked for the Prest in Aurdal who, at that time, was Peder Hansen Colding, originally from Denmark. Mattis and his descendants gradually took over the property, but the farm was divided into three units (Nord-Fjell, Sø-Fjell and Me-Fjell) and other families came in.

Like the other two Fjell farms Sø-Fjell was empty from the time of the "Black Death" until 1590 or so. The farm was Krongods from the time after the "Black Death". The king kept the farm until 1692 when he sold it to Margretha Wilders. She sold it three years later in 1695 to Overkrigskommissar Braem and Capt. Leegaard. They in turn sold the farm to Christian P. Kleboe. In 1707 Christian sold the farm to Bjørn Frøysaker. Ole Amundson and Marta Bjørnsdatter purchased the land from Bjørn Frøysaker in 1723. They lived here a short time and sold the farm to Knut Tidemandson Ton. It was Knut that seperated the farms into the two seperate farms in 1733. He sold one portion to Anders G. Åsen and the other farm was sold to Ole Johansson and Ingeborg Gundersdatter.

Sources: Gard og Bygde i Etnedal Book C, page 111


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