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Sub-farms: Strande, Westli, Vestrom, Kvednatn, Hagin, Steinsrud, Bakken, Bråten, Dokken, Berglund, Beritstue

Mountain Farms: Nørre Kjerringstølen, Øystølen, Gamlestølen, Sørre Blesen

The early history of Espeset is a mystery. There is no archeological material that can help us determine when the farm was first settled. We do know that there was nobody here before 1620 and that the farm was Krongods until 1669 when Laurits Christensen from Drammen purchased it from the king.

Some of the earliest inhabitants of Espeset were Ole Espeset in the mid 1620s;Østen Espeset followed Ole and Kristoffer Andersson had a hut here in 1628; Jørger Espeset was here from about 1634 until 1639.

The name Espeset is a combination of "esp" (aspen) and "seter" (mountain farmhouse). Since 1748 Espeset has been divided in two farms, Nerre (lower) Espeset and Øvre (upper) Espeset. The farms are located down in the valley, five miles north of Bruflat.

The farmland itself is hilly, but at one time the riverland was part of the farm as well. Espeset was one of the biggest farms in the area, but most of it was forest land.

On the west side of Etna river we find Strande and Westli with many acres of forest. These farm seperated from Espeset. Likewise, up the hill to the east thousands of acres were Espesetland, mostly forest and four mountain farms. These units were gradually sold out and appear today as independent farms.


Source: Gard og Bygde i Etnedal Book B, pages 192-193


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