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Øvre Espelien

Sub-farms: Urberg, Kluftødegard, Gottenborg (northern), Sveen (also called Muslerudsveen) Gaukerud, Brusveen, Kullengen, Espelibråten, Evenrud, Haugen, Espelihagen, Engen, Southern Espelien, Asplund, Huset, Espeliøygarden, Jordet, Nordengen

Øvre Espelien has been divided into many subfarms, but the main farms are Øvre gården (upper farm) and Nerre gården (lower farm).

Øvre Espelie is one of a handful of farms believed to have been around during the Viking Period of the 9th to 11th centuries. We are not sure at what point Espelie was divided into two separate farms, possibly this occurred after the Black Death went through the area in the 14th century.

Øvre Espelie was called Krongods until the 1770s when the king sold it to Fredrik Werdelman. As a widower Margretha Wilders sold the farm to her son-in-law Jens Leegaard. Jens then sold Øvre Espelie to Ole Sveinson in 1795, who was the first sjølveigaren of Øvre Espelie.

Some of the early settlers of Øvre Espelie were Peder Espelie and Mikkel Larsson. Mikkel had at least two sons Halvor Mikkelson and Lars Mikkelson.

The Espelien farms and subfarms make up the parish of Espelibygden and are located a little uphill to the west of the Etna river, in the middle of the valley. In addition there is much forestland in the mountains above the farms.

Source: Gard og Bygde i Etnedal Book B, pages 304-305


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