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Nedre Espelien

Sub-farms: Kolverud, Sveen, Åmot, Kompelien, Haugen, Myhre, Skogstad

It appears that Ner-Espelie came into existence after the Black Death around 1600. According to the Skatteliste from the 16th century it was called Espeli lille or Little Espeli.

There is an interesting story connected to this farm told by Magne Sørflaten, author of Fraa Etnedal For Bygd og By, published in 1923. The story tells of a boy who was the only survivor of the Black Death in Etnedal. He went to Lands to find a girl. These two married and became the ancestors of all the Etnedøler today.

Land to the Central school of Etnedal has been part of Ner-Espelien.


Gard og Bygde i Etnedal Book B
, pages 356-357


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