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Sub-Farms: Grønbrekk, Marken, Tommaset

Bergsbakken was deserted after the Black Death and wasnt settled again until 1630.

The king sold Bergsbakken to Fredrik Werdelman in Copenhagen in the 1670s or 80s. Captain Jens Leegård purchased the Bergsbakken farm from Werdelmans widow in the 1690s, but sold it again in 1695. Tore and Ragnhild Bergsbakko were living on the farm in 1630. They had a son named Halvor who later took over running the farm.

Bergsbakken is located in the northern part of Etnedal, a little south of Steinsetfjord and close to the Nord Etnedal Church. Belonging to the farm were also two setre (mountain farms).

The farm was one unit until 1825 when it was divided into two: Sørre Bergsbakken and Lauvhaug. In 1846 two other units were sold out, Midtre Bergsbakken andNordre Bergsbakken.

Sources: Gard og Bygde i Etnedal Book A, page 251


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