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Bakke (Torshagen)

Sub-farms: Nysveen, Kleiven, Sørre Plassen, Juven (seter), Haugalien

This farm has gone by the names of Bache and Torsøygarden. In 1667 Torshaugen was called Bakke under Øygarden.

Torshaugen was once part of one of the biggest farms in Etnedal - Byfuglien farm. Together with Øygarden, Torshaugen was the lower part located near Bruflat.

There have been close family ties between those who lived at Torshaugen and those at Bruflat farm. One of Bruflat's subfarms, Haugalien, is today divided into smaller units and serves as a suburb of Bruflat - the administration center.

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