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shieldThe Etnedal Genealogical Lag was founded in mid-2007 as an loosely-knit organization of current residents and emigrant descendants from the Etnedal valley of Norway. Located in the Valdres district of the county (fylke) of Oppland, Etnedal is in central, southern Norway: a land of rolling hills, long valleys, and crystalline rivers.

Emigration from the region began in the mid-nineteenth century and like many others from Norway, emigrants generally settled in the upper Midwestern states: especially Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and North Dakota. Looking at the farm names of Etnedal, many visitors to this site will recognize their own last names as so many of the new settlers retained the farm names of their home country.

If you are interested in genealogical research, connecting with other Etnedalers, or looking for more information on upcoming travel to the Valdres region, we'd love to hear from you. We hope to provide you with meaningful and useful information and, in return, we welcome your contributions of stories, photographs, and genealogical information.


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